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The Best SEO Audit Tool

The first step to ensuring that your business is getting the most out of search engine optimization is to complete an SEO audit of your website.   

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Two in TO Media‘s free Excel SEO audit report covers everything from Google My Business, website architecture, page speed, mobile friendliness and more. 

By identifying problem areas in your websites search engine optimization, you can improve your online visibility, which in turn will improve your businesses bottom line.

We recommend conducting a full SEO audit at least twice a year to ensure your websites SEO health is up to par and you are reaching your full potential within the SERPS.

Not only is our audit template free, but upon request,  we will personally complete a free SEO audit of your own website using our checklist. 

What Does Our SEO Audit Include?

Google Search Console

Is Google Search Console set up?

Google Analytics

Is Google Analytics set up? Are goals set up within Google Analytics?

Page Speed Optimization

How fast is your website?

Social Media

Are all social media profiles set up?


Backlink building and outreach

Click-Through Rate Optimization

Titles, metas, OG data, Schema

Website Basics

Robots.txt, Sitemap, Mobile Friendly

Plugins (WordPress)

Are you optimized with the best WordPress SEO plugins? 



Broken links? 

Schema Markup

Do you have relevant schema markup? Schema errors?


Site-Wide On Page Issues

Internal and external link utilization? H1 and H2 tags? Duplicate content? Metas?


Do you have relevant and authoritative business directory listings?

Google My Business

Google My Business optimization with sufficient reviews, correct information and photos

Website Design & Architecture

Do you have a categorized URL structure? 404 pages? 302’s?


Our SEO Audit checklist and audit service helps your business to uncover deficiencies currently hurting your businesses rankings in the search engines.  Not only this, but our SEO audit will help improve the user experience of potential customers and/or clients visiting your website.

SEO is an ever-changing industry and here at Two in TO Media, we are always in the know with the most up to date and relevant SEO audit checklist and service to help bring prosperity to Toronto businesses.

For those that are familiar with SEO, our checklist can be used to run a full audit of your clients website.  If you are unfamiliar with SEO, we provide our full SEO audit service to your business free of charge.

Upon completion of our SEO audit, we provide you with the results for you to review and then decide on next steps.


What Our SEO Checklist Will Do For Your Business

By utilizing an in-depth SEO audit of your website, you will know what you are doing right in terms of SEO and what you can improve on, in order to compete within the Google rankings.

We will also perform other vital in-depth SEO analysis such as analyzing the current SEO strategies of your competitors to pinpoint exactly what they’re doing that you are not, and if these are viable strategies to put into place within your own SEO campaign.

The above combined with all of the technical SEO included in our checklist will not only improve your online visibility, but will also greatly improve the user experience of visitors to your website by offering a faster, more user-friendly, and more targeted website.


Through our SEO audit, you will be provided with a detailed plan of action to correct any major issues and improve your search engine rankings.  Some of our deliverables include;


  • Plan of action to strengthen your online presence;
  • Overview of individual URL’s from your website and how they can be improved;
  • What you need to improve based upon your competitors;
  • What you are currently doing well and what needs to be improved;
  • What keywords you are ranking for and what keywords you should be target



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