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Search Engine Optimization

Rather than simply hoping they’ll find you in Google search results, let us be your SEO expert and bring targeted customers right to your business with our white hat SEO services.

What we do:

  • Analyze & review your website
  • Research keywords
  • Edit meta & image tags
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

Unlike the SEO strategies of other agencies, we emphasize data analytics when it comes to optimizing your website and start off each of our campaigns with our in-depth SEO audit checklist.

Let’s get your business to the TOP of

Google Search Results

Organic SEO

SEO is an investment that benefits your small business with a long-term marketing strategy.  By ranking your business under the first page of organic Google or Bing search results, you will bring in traffic in a more cost-effective manner as opposed to other expensive advertising alternatives. 

We rank your website for keywords according to your business structure and your target customers.  If you are a local business we will be optimizing your website based on local search terms as opposed to broader search terms. To give you a better idea, let’s take a look at the example below:

An individual searching for “How to build muscle quickly” (not a local search) as opposed to searching for “The best gym in Toronto” (a local search).

 Believe it or not, Google changes their search algorithms around 500-600 times per year.  To combat this, we are constantly in tune with anything SEO related to ensure we can keep on top of your campaign. 


We are a strong believer in technical SEO and perfecting on-page SEO as opposed to the all too common method of strictly focusing on link building.  This greatly improves the ability of search engines to search or “crawl” your website. 

A breakdown of some on-page optimization we would perform during your campaign includes:

  • Proper placement of H tags
  • Usage of Robots.txt
  • Amount and quality of content
  • Usage of outbound links
  • Site speed
  • Image optimization
  • Broken links and more

Off-page refers to optimization that occurs off of your website.  This can include backlinks (a link directing to your website, placed on an external website), social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.), citations (your business listed in relevant business directories like Yelp or the Yellow Pages) and an optimized Google My Business profile.


We pride ourselves in being able to run effective SEO campaigns for small businesses and helping them avoid the high costs that come with a larger marketing agency.  Rest assured, you will not be sacrificing any quality, as we are determined to give you the best SEO campaign possible through precise technical/on-page SEO, quality content and reviews.

Our SEO packages provide a breakdown of our services provided to you, right down to our hourly rates and the number of monthly hours being put into your campaign.  We also offer 5 hour trials which are billed at a lesser amount than through a normal package.


SEO is a long-term process and most results are not instantaneous.  The main goal of our SEO campaigns is to increase your overall visibility across the web and to offer a better UX (user experience) to your website visitors.  This will ultimately bring more traffic to your website and retain this traffic for a longer period of time, resulting in decreased bounce rates.  

Some immediate results you can expect to see include:

  • Readability: Your site will be better read by Google and it’s users through displaying your main keywords and brand in your title and descriptions
  • Analytics: Analytics will be available for you to see
  • Conversion Tracking: See when people are converting on your website through online tracking
  • Schema: Enable Google to better understand your website through schema markup
  • Keywords: Know what keywords to rank for and which will bring your business the most value
  • Local Indexing: We will set up your local business directory profiles so they will be better read by Google and other search engines

Other results which are to be expected but cannot be guaranteed by any SEO agency are:

  • Brand Ranking: Expecting to rank in top search engines for branded keywords
  • Local Rankings: Expect to see yourself in positions 1-30 for your main keywords (eg. Toronto Plumber, Toronto Gym etc.)
  • Lower bounce rate: Expect to see visitors staying on your website longer after on page optimization is complete
  • Higher Click Through Rates: Expect to see more people clicking your website as opposed to your competitors
  • Higher Conversions: Expect to see your conversions go up
  • Multiple Keyword Rankings: Expect to rank for more keywords that offer value to your business




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