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By utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can ensure that your business will appear within the digital channels that consumers use to research products or services prior to making an informed purchase.

With 3.5 billion searches being performed everyday on Google, there are countless opportunities for you to bring more traffic to your brick and mortar or online business.

By optimizing your website to meet all of the technical and off-page SEO criteria, consumers will find your business organically through online searches and potentially become customers.  This is good news for your business, and will help you grow and stay ahead of competition within your niche.



When your business appears organically on the first page of a Google search result, you show a certain level of credibility in the eyes of the individual making the search query.

 To validate this, take a look at this report which shows 60% of clicks go to the first three organic results on a page, and 89% of clicks go to the first page.

The general public views Google as a sort of authority figure within the online world and hence, the individual viewing Google search results usually accepts what is displayed immediately as being the most truth worthy and best solution to their particular search.

Besides essentially being endorsed by Google, your company will also be seen as a business which is savvy when it comes to marketing, and admirable by other competitors within your niche. 



Along with search engine rankings comes a certain level of credibility in the eyes of consumers.  You are seen as being “endorsed” by one of the most powerful companies in the world (Google)! 

The psychology of this is extremely important for your small business, as it draws customers to your business over other competitors that might not be ranking for the keywords that your business is.

Besides beating your competition with credibility, you are also beating them by helping your business to live up to its full potential, by utilizing SEO as a marketing strategy.   

Many small business still do not take SEO as seriously as they should.  This is largely due to the fact that SEO is a long-term investment into your business, and because many business owners are still unaware as to what SEO really entails.

This is unfortunate because it means many promising businesses and entrepreneurs fail to live up to their full potential in this age of digital marketing. 


Targeted Customers

SEO as a marketing strategy brings targeted customers directly to your business.  As opposed to marketing strategies that reach a broad consumer audience such as social media, radio ads, and physical ads like billboards, SEO allows you to be visible to people already looking for your services or products.

This means you are converting your customers much easier and faster than you would with alternative marketing strategies that are not targeted!

Mobile Searches

Mobile searches are becoming more and more popular each year.  In fact, they even outnumber desktop searches.  When a potential customer is searching for a service or product while in a particular geographical area, local SEO is vital so that you appear for that particular search.

Google’s own research points this out, by stating when an individual makes a mobile search, 50% of these individuals are led to visit a physical store within the same day.


By investing in SEO you are choosing an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy when compared to other paid advertising options.

SEO provides your business with long-term results that will consistently bring traffic to your website, and hence more customers to your business.  Even once your SEO campaign is finished, you are still ranking for your desired keywords on Google, and still bringing in new leads to your business. 

Compare this to paid advertising such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads which can end up being extremely costly and only provide you with temporary customers so long as you are putting money into the ads. 

When you start an SEO campaign, it is tailored to both the budget and specific needs of your business, hence giving you a desirable return on investment. 


Don’t Get Left Behind

If I had to take an educated guess, I would say that Google and search engines will be around for a long time to come. 

It is important for business owners to keep this in mind and to invest in and acquire knowledge pertaining to SEO, if they want to keep up with this ever-changing industry and to stay both relevant and competitive within their business niche.




Even though the field of SEO can be complicated and hard to understand for many business owners, no one can deny that today we live in a digital world and with this digital world comes digital marketing practices which can ultimately determine the success or failure of a small business. 

SEO is constantly changing and evolving, and therefore SEO strategies require constant modification.  By working with a qualified digital marketing agency, you can ensure that your business keeps up with these changes and stays relevant within the competitive world of business. 


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