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Having a healthy following on social media is a great way to generate positive social proof for your brand and grow your business.  Whether you work in real estate, b2b, or not-for-profit, consumers are more willing to follow profiles that have a large social following.

By following a proper social media strategy, you can vastly improve your businesses online exposure and in turn, add to the success of your business. 

Not only will this directly affect your business but even social media platforms themselves reward you for your follower count. 

For example, Instagram lets you place “swipe up” links in your stories when you reach 10K followers.


Under 10K Followers

Above 10K Followers

So not only are these follower counts influencing follow back behavior and features. They’re also impacting the way your online presence is perceived.

So, how to get more real followers?

All of the tactics we will discuss below are ways to generate authentic follows to your social profiles, we highly recommend you resist the temptation to purchase followers on social media. Use these honest organic strategies we put together for you instead.

It is worth it to build up followers organically. You get better engagement and you avoid the risk of consequences such as lower visibility in the feed or even a ban. With that being said, let’s get into some of the organic tactics working in 2019 to attract more followers.

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1. Promote Your Social Media Profiles Through Your Online Channels

One of the best ways to grow your follower count is to use your own online channels as a significant platform for promotion. These online channels include your blog, website or emails.


When it comes to growing your fan base on your social media channels, there is no easier way than to include social share buttons on your blog posts.

If your blog visitors are interested in knowing more about you, having a follow button placed at the top, side or bottom of your article will make it easier for them to engage and interact with your content across platforms.

You can also feature several Instagram pictures in the footer or in the sidebar of your blog. If you run a WordPress blog, you can search the WordPress plugin directory for Instagram plugins.


Social media promotion on websites usually happens in the header menu at the top of the website, in a dedicated “social media section” on the homepage or in a pop-up message. However, the most popular location for social promotion is in the footer of websites.

Most brands link to multiple social profiles in the footer, such as: 

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Spotify


It is vital to promote your social profiles through email marketing. Many brands place their social media links in the footer of their email templates, both for marketing newsletters and in transactional emails, such as receipts.

It is also important to give your audience a sample of what type of content they can expect to see if they were to follow you; particularly with visual platforms like Instagram.


2. Create an Eye-Catching Social Media Profile 

Viewers are more likely to follow accounts that look real. This includes a profile picture that isn’t just the default. 

Make sure to actually include your logo or face, along with a description telling your audience who you are and what you stand for.

Having a profile with a nicely designed feed is an important follow back factor. Your feed is the first impression that potential followers get when they look at your profile and usually the difference between making that split-second decision to follow, or move on.⁣

Having a rough theme to follow is essential for a cohesive profile

The highlights on your Instagram profile get premium placement above your feed

3. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are used to relay important messages to your target audience and are an essential tool to reach potential customers.

So, when using hashtags you should pick and choose from high-volume hashtags. Tools like Hashtagify and Keyhole will reveal the popularity of certain hashtags across platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags for your posts and up to 10 hashtags in your Story. Many brands choose to put their hashtags into the first comment of their Instagram post in order to keep the photo caption cleaner.


4. Instagram Stories 

500 million people tune in to Instagram Stories every day, so if you’re not posting regularly you’re missing out! 

Stories are an easy, effective, and free way to keep your followers engaged with your brand, but did you know stories can also help you get more followers, too?

Instagram Stories also appear on the Instagram Explore tab; this means that people beyond your group of followers can find you there. You can also use hashtags, geo-locations, and mentions to surface your stories even further.

5. Engage and Interact With Your Audience

The core of an engagement strategy is to interact genuinely with your audience on social media. Your followers don’t want to talk to a faceless account, they want to talk to real people.

So if you start using your social media profiles as an avenue to truly engage with your customers, you’ll be able leverage any platform to increase brand awareness, leads and sales. Engagement is what will help you develop the most meaningful relationships on social with potential and current customers.

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