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Who is Two in TO Media?

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About Our Digital Agency 

Two in TO Media is a Toronto based digital marketing company founded in 2019 by Dylan Bergum and Edgardo Torres.  Our agency was born out of a passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential with current and proven digital marketing techniques.

We know that marketing is essential to the success of your business.  As an agency we are proud to combine creativity with essential technical skills; a combination that we feel is overlooked within the marketing field today.

What We Hope To Do

Our ultimate goal is to be recognized throughout the digital marketing world and the Toronto area for what we are able to do for local Toronto and Ontario based businesses.  Owing to the fact that our agency was born out of a passion for marketing combined with our love for the City of Toronto, we feel there is no goal with a better fit than this.

We know that you will find peace of mind during your campaign, as we keep you updated with analytics and reports from start to finish.  Knowing that transparency is one of the most valuable attributes you can find online today, we strive to be recognized for this aspect throughout our business model and the services we deliver.

Two in TO Media started with a simple idea that has grown into so much more.  To quote Napoleon Hill, “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth”, and it is our mission to refine this piece of gold we call Two in TO Media in order to provide exceptional marketing services to the City of Toronto and beyond.

Work with us today and utilize all that digital media has to offer you and your business.

The Two Behind TO

Dylan Bergum

Dylan Bergum


Dylan Bergum is the SEO strategist at Two in TO Media.  Beginning as a law clerk in 2012, Dylan then commenced a degree in health informatics at York University in 2014, where he kick-started his passion for analytics and other SEO fundamentals.

Dylan is educated in the practice of SEO, using his deep-rooted passion to continuously study the fast paced world of SEO while also refining his skills through trial and error.  Dylan also contributes much of his knowledge to resources like MOZ and Backlinko, and online personalities like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Chase Reiner and more.

Some of Dylan’s hobbies and interests include basketball, weight lifting, entrepreneurship, finance, cryptocurrency and enjoying northern Ontario in the summertime.



Edgardo Torres

Edgardo Torres


Edgardo is the head of Social Media Marketing at Two in TO Media.  After obtaining his degree in International Relations in Venezuela he became interested in marketing and communication strategies.  Once in Toronto, he completed his postgrads in Marketing Management and Digital Media Marketing at George Brown College.

With 5 years of experience within the industry as a Creative Director, Marketing Manager and Strategist for a variety of clients, Edgardo’s expertise lies in successfully conceptualizing and implementing innovative marketing initiatives to drive market impact, awareness, growth and expansion. 

Some of Edgardo’s hobbies and interests include having deep conversations about politics and economics, traveling around the world and hosting dinner parties with close friends.




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